Monday, August 16, 2010

Eye Doctor

My visit to the eye doctor today went something like this:

Doctor: Cover your left eye. What is the lowest line you can read?

(Honestly, I can't really see the bottom line, but I don't want to admit it so I try anyway)

Me: Well, the bottom line says...ummm...A? Then O [or maybe Q?], T, Z.

(It's worth a shot. Maybe if I'm a good guesser and I seem confident enough, she'll believe I'm actually reading it)

Doctor: Ok, now cover your other eye.

(I think I got pretty close, but she didn't applaud my efforts so I'm not sure. I cover my right eye. Apparently my left eye is even worse than my right one!)

Doctor: What is the lowest line you can read?

(I definitely can't read either of the two bottom lines this time, but I can remember what I told her the last line says. Moral dilemma: read to her the line I can actually see, or just repeat what I told her last time?)

Me: A, O, T, Z.

(Do you blame me? I can kind of see it...)

Doctor [does something over at her desk]: Ok, let's try again. Cover your left eye. What is the lowest line you can read?

(The screen looks different this time, but I can't really make out any of the letters. Did she know I lied about being able to see the last one? Maybe she's trying to get back at me...I strain my eyes as much as I can without actually squinting--that's not allowed--but I can't even guess this time. Feeling humbled, I admit defeat.)

Me: I can't read any of them.

Doctor: Not even the top line?

(Inward sigh. This must be fun for her)

Me: Nope.

Doctor: How about now?

(It's slightly clearer, but I still can't quite make it out...)

Me: No.

Doctor: Now?

(It's suddenly much clearer, and I can see a giant E at the top. Feeling even more humbled...)

Me: Oh yeah, there's an E.


Doctor: Ok great...

And THAT is how much I love going to the eye doctor.


Sarita said...

Nice! My eyes are so bad I just admit defeat and get it over with. Is the eye doctor worse than the dentist?

Katie Rich said...

So, stronger prescription now?

katielizabethawkes said...

Haha...I love when I can practically hear your voice telling the story.