Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finals Week

The bad news: Finals took over our lives this week. We basically lived in this classroom the first few days, trying to get straight the things we had learned this semester, and trying to teach ourselves things we hadn't learned in class very well.

The good news: Finals are over! And so are some of our tougher classes. Now we can focus our time on our friendships and learning more about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

To celebrate the end of finals, we have been living it up this weekend. Thursday (the day our hardest finals were over) we went to the Old City, where we walked on the roof.

Later that night we went to Ben Yhuda Street in West Jerusalem, and then to the outdoor mall. Apparently there was supposed to be some sort of cultural night, but we missed it if there was.

Instead, we befriended a scout who sold us homemade brownies for a shekel each (although we donated a few extra to help the younger scouts go to summer camp) and explored the bookstore. At the bookstore I found this adorable little bookshelf, complete with an old-fashioned key to unlock the top drawer.
We found a Hebrew version of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar," which Nick "read" to us, and an awesome cookbook. This cookbook was awesome because in each picture of food, there was a random creature nearby--a witch, a goblin, or this sleeping dragon (crocodile?), for example:

Last night we went to our Arabic teacher's house for dinner. It was wonderful! He ordered pizza for us, including one with corn. I never would have thought of putting corn on my pizza, but it was actually pretty good. Then we watched the sunset from his roof. I never tire of watching sunrises and sunsets because each one is beautiful and unique. It's a great opportunity to contemplate the meaning of life, as Tyler said.

Tomorrow we're going to Tel Aviv (the beach!!!!) and then we're having a barbeque/carnival/sparklers to celebrate the Fourth of July. For 10 days after that...I'll be in Galilee!

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Lynne said...

I have a whiteboard-finals-studying picture just like that!! :-) Those Old Testament finals are stinking hard! Glad you survived!